As you know Haunted likes to get down and boogie (in an interview type fashion) with anyone and everyone. Sadly, we don't always have room to feature those interviews in the magazine. The people we talk to give up their time to sit down and have a chat with us. We don't want their interviews to be condemned to the wheelie bin, never to be seen, never to be read.

This is why we have created "Those Damned Haunted Interviews". Essentially it is a one stop interview shop. Some people you may know, some people you may not, but the majority of them have their roots in all things Horror, Sci-Fi, Dark Fiction and Paranormal. Although expect some unexpected guests to pop up now and then.

All the interviews are conducted by a lady called Tina Hall (unless otherwise stated). An american lass. A lovely american lass. A lovely american lass who has a knack of asking really good questions. Tina's own website www.thedamnedinterviews.com is the inspiration behind our thinking. She can be contacted here.