Those Damned Haunted Interviews... Helene Udy

Actress/director Helene Udy is best known for her role on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman working alongside Jane Seymour in a reoccurring role as Myra, a prostitute with a heart of gold. Her work in the horror industry on films like The Dead Zone, My Bloody Valentine, and The Incubus gained her the ranking of the #30 horror actor out of a list of 200 on www. She also had a rather dark starring role in the film, Katie Bird Certifiable Crazy Person. Fans of soap operas might recognize her from her work on As the World Turns back in 1983. To fans of the Star Trek franchise she is also known for her role as Pel on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the episode, Rules of Acquisition. Helene also works behind the lens as a director. She directed Nowhere Land and Naked in the Cold Sun and won a Hollywood Fringe Festival Award for her work directing the play, Rehab! The musical. Udy produced the documentary, 3 Billion and counting as well, which is expected to hit theatres sometime this year.

Those Damned Haunted Interviews... Justice Howard

Since 1996 photographer Justice Howard has worked to deliver photographs with an edgy manner as few others can. Her work while mostly erotic has also delved into the noir/glam and music scenes. Howard has had her work viewed in well over twenty five countries and is attributed with having taken the last known photos of county music icon Waylon Jennings. Her work is slated to appear in the book Nudes 3 in Berlin, and her 2012 calendar Lady Ink is available now.


Joe R. Lansdale is a master storyteller who has worked hard to earn the status of an icon in his field. His work has crossed the genres of Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, and Western. Joe is well known for his short fiction as well as novels and has also lent his unique way with words to the storylines of some of the best comics of our day as well as Batman: The Animated Series and Jonah Hex, which appeared as part of the Blue Ray package, Under the Red Hood.

Those Damned Haunted Interviews... Jack Ketchum

Is Jack Ketchum, The Scariest Man in America? A rare interview by Tina Hall

Most readers who are familiar with his work, are likely well aware of a piece in Entertainment Weekly released during the time George W Bush was still in office in which Stephen King, when asked who was the scariest man in America, was quoted as saying, "probably Jack Ketchum".

Those Damned Haunted Interviews... John Gilmore

John Gilmore is more than a former young actor; he is also one of the best known writers to deal with the glamour as well as the darker days of Hollywood. He was born in the Charity Ward of L.A. General Hospital, and raised in Hollywood. From his seven year friendship with Marilyn Monroe which spawned Inside Marilyn Monroe, to his rather personal relationship with James Dean which began in 1953 and led to the books The Real James Dean, and Live-Fast, Die Young: Remembering the Short Life of James Dean, he introduces the world to a Hollywood sub-culture few could even imagine.